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Junior Barber


To start on the career path at Jagged Edge, individuals must have a keen interest in male barbering and grooming. The first step is to get to know the barbering environment, we look for individuals who have the ability to quickly learn and prepare for formal training and a level two VRQ qualification. Success in this role will place the individual in an ideal position to be considered for the position of Trainee Barber.

Trainee Barber


This key stage one position is only available to students or juniors that have completed a level two VRQ through the Jagged Edge Academy or have a minimum of two years barbering experience. They will also need to have shown a keen interest and ‘technical spark’ for barbering ‘the Jagged Edge way’. This position reflects an important career path milestone, which is recognised by the individual’s achievement of their first Jagged Edge star.



Jagged Edge Barber


This key stage two position marks an important achievement in the individual’s career plan at Jagged Edge. It is only available to trainees that have been awarded their first Jagged Edge star.



Jagged Edge Senior Barber


The Jagged Edge Senior Barber has the opportunity to shape their future by considering either an educational or management career path. The senior barber will have atleast two years’ experience of being a barber and built up a regular clientele. The Senior Barber takes a keen interesting in supporting the success of the BarberPod. It is only available to those individuals that have been awarded their second jagged edge star and have established themselves within the business.



Jagged Edge Assistant Manager/Trainee Educator


This key stage four position marks an important step into BarberPod management or training. It is only available to barbers that have attained a Jagged Edge three-star rating within the organisation. We want all our staff to grow and develop within our organisation and this role is a perfect next step into learning and management. The role requires either close working and responsibility sharing with the BarberPod manager such as cashing up, stock orders and general staff management or working with the Head of Education to identify training and learning gaps. This will open up the opportunity for the individual to learn many of the more stretching management and training skills needed to gain further career advancement. The role carries with it, a Jagged Edge four-star award.



Jagged Edge Barber Pod Manager/Educator


This important, business critical key stage five position carries with it a wide range of management responsibilities. It is only open to Jagged Edge Assistant Managers or Trainee Eductors that have achieved a four-star award.

To reflect the role’s importance within the business, only high achieving individuals will be invited to take part in an interview. They will need to exhibit qualities such as being highly conscious of their image, totally reliable, responsible for both their actions and the actions of their staff and MUST lead by example.

Individuals that meet this benchmark will be required to organise and showcase a model or training evening. This will help demonstrate both their technical skills as a barber presentation of four models, organising them, their clothes, the venue, relevant music and guest invites. This is a critical test of training, organisation and management skills and will provide other staff members with a role model to look up to and to base their own career plan development on. The role comes with a Jagged Edge five-star award.



This key stage six position, which automatically brings with it a six-star award, is both challenging and rewarding as it carries the ultimate level of responsibility within the organisation, outside of directorship. As such, it is only open to high achieving Jagged Edge BarberPod Managers that have attained a five-star rating, have gained extensive experience within the organisation and has held a previous manager’s position. Only those managers that meet these stringent criteria will be considered for the role and invited to take part in an interview.

Responsibilities are primarily management focused, with limited opportunity to cut hair or provide other one-to-one grooming services. The Jagged Edge Area Manager is responsible for delivering financial and service level performance as well as management training across a number of BarberPods.




Jagged Edge Area Manager









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